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Indecent Exposure 53: Inundation expressed (podcast)

Photo funnish miscellany, miking your Mark II, and water, water everywhere.

Funish miscellany, miking your Mark II, and water, water everywhere.

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Episode 53

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Pentax Optio W80


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Last topic: Water
Winner: Evil Twin

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Today's questions
Expired film

I've seen in the biggest photography online store in Romania that they was selling expired Kodak Professional BW400CN film, the type of black and white film that can be proceed with the type of solutions that are used to develop color film (because at least here nobody will develop b&w film). They are writing that the more time after expiration date passes the most interesting effects can be obtain (granulation and contrast variations).
This is just a marketing technique or a photographer's technique, can you pass this to Matt because I know he's the film guru at cnet.

Mic for the Mark II

I have the Canon EOS 5D Mark II dslr and want to know if you can recommend a relatively inexpensive microphone for this. Thanks