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HTC Re now lets you live-stream on YouTube

A free software upgrade to this super-easy point-of-view camcorder adds live streaming.

HTC Re now lets others relive your life on YouTube. Sarah Tew/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- The HTC Re , a dead-easy camcorder designed for quick takes, adds to its capabilities with a free software update.

On January 9, the company will roll out the update to Android users via the Play store; the iOS version won't be available until later this winter.

According to HTC, all you'll have to do to start broadcast a live stream is to log in to your YouTube channel. Then hit the button and the footage goes from the camcorder to your phone, which uploads it to your channel. Send folks a link to the stream, and boom! You're broadcasting as it happens. The link remains active after you've stopped.

So go forth and share the snippets of your life.