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HP TouchPad on sale at PC World, but not a bargain

The discontinued HP TouchPad has briefly appeared again online at PC World. But it's a far cry from last month's £90 bargains.

The HP TouchPad has briefly appeared again, available to buy from PC World.

It looks like the desirable yet abandoned tablet has already sold out since popping up earlier today, but there's no harm in heading over to the PC World website and checking. The page currently states that reservations are not possible, which makes us think it's sold out already.

However this offer is a far cry from the bargain £90 TouchPads that emerged several weeks ago, in the wake of HP's decision to scrap its webOS operating system.

This new offer would see you shelling out £250 for the 32GB version of the TouchPad, with a case and wireless charging dock thrown in for good measure.

That's still a pretty good deal, but not as brilliant as the rock-bottom prices we saw before.

We've heard HP is brewing up one last batch of the now-popular device, but as HP said those extra units are only for the US, we'd be surprised if the tablets that appeared today belong to that group. Perhaps PC World found a few forgotten TouchPads in the back of the stockroom, under a pile of Nokia N9s.

Earlier today we heard that anyone who bought the doomed TouchPad or HP Pre 3 smart phone before they were discontinued will be eligible for compensation. Check out this story for all the details.

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