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HP Rove 20 is a 10-finger, 20-inch Windows 8 tablet and PC

Supersize this: the 20-inch HP Rove 20 is a giant Windows 8 PC that combines all-in-one computing with tablet portability.

Supersize this: if you think the iPad is just too small, get a load of the 20-inch HP Rove 20, giant Windows 8 PC that combines all-in-one computing with the portability of a tablet -- if you have the muscles for it.

The Rove 20 sports a 20-inch, 10-finger, multi-touch touchscreen so you can control it with every digit at your disposal. At the back is a spring-loaded hinge, designed to flick out at the touch of a button so you can set it down with one hand. Stand it up and connect a keyboard and mouse to use it as a conventional all-in-one, or lay it down flat to share what's on the screen with others.

When laid flat, it becomes a 21st century board game, with games including Disney Fairies and classic real estate-'em-up Monopoly built-in.

Or you could carry it around like a tablet, if you need an upper body workout. HP promises almost 4 hours of battery life when away from a power source.

The Rove 20 will be powered by an Intel Haswell processor when it's released. It has a hefty 1TB of storage and an 8GB solid-state drive too. Other features include 802.11ac Wi-Fi, WiDi for connecting to other devices as a wireless display, and Beats Audio to soup up the sound.

It's not the only oversized tablet doing the rounds: the Sony Vaio Tap 20 also allows you to pick up your all-in-one and take it with you. If you have a big enough bag.

The giant tablet is expected to cost around $1,000. Is a 20-inch portable all-in-one just the ticket, or entirely pointless? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or rove on over to our Facebook page.