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3D Printers

Hong Kong police to reconstruct crime scenes with 3D printers

"And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids and your 3D printers."

Boston Globe via Getty Images

If you're thinking about committing a heinous crime, you may end up being foiled by a 3D printer.

Two 3D printers costing approximately $1,300 (AU$1,650, £1,050) each will be employed by the Hong Kong police to reconstruct crime scenes for death inquests and crime investigations, reported South China Morning Post.

Hong Kong's police have built 18 scale models of crime scenes for court inquests since 1988, according to the report. 3D printers, among other things, will make the process quicker.

It's the latest of many 3D-printing applications: Fabien Cousteau earlier this month said he hopes to rebuild ocean reefs with 3D-printed coral, and last year a 3D-printed office building opened in Dubai.

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