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Happy Fathers Day

US Open Golf

There is nothing like fathers day weekend for a little golf. The US Open is on and we can all watch the best players struggle on a golf course that is so tough it makes even Tiger look a little average. All of us arm chair commentators can watch and reflect on how we could shoot 80 or 90 like the pros. Not so soon my friend if you want to feel a little US Open tech this weekend get your putter out and try putting or chipping on the ceramic tile in your kitchen because that is what a US Open green is like.

If you want to go high tech then log on to and follow their live webcasts during the event. They have stats and all kinds of cool information that you can't get from the television coverage.

During the telecasts watch for NBC's 300 frames per second camera that is so good it can show you every little detail of a players golf swing. They are also employing some 3D animation of the greens to give you an idea of what happens to a golf ball when it hits the green. Have a great golfing weekend all you Dads.