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Handheld kitchen gadget makes every chef a sucker

Handheld vacuum pump keeps food fresh while looking great.

Whatever it is, this thing really sucks. No, really.

All joking aside, it's not crazy to be completely stumped as to what this ergonomic stick could possibly do, let alone what it could do in the kitchen. For looking so complex, this thing has one simple function: to pump air. Well, that, and to look pretty. The stick is called the Lock & Lock: Rosaline Vacuum Sealer, designed to keep food fresh by removing the air that would otherwise allow bacteria to thrive and food to spoil. To use it, you place the stick into the top of any of a matching set of Tupperware, hold down the button, and wait until all of the air is sucked out and your food is ready for storage.

Designed by Jongho Nho, an industrial designer from Vancouver, the vacuum stick reflects the modern-design shift toward futuristic aesthetics and ergonomic shapes. Its stick and matching base design are featured on his Web site under a logo for the Red Dot Design Awards, famous for rewarding avant-garde designers for their creativity. You can see more of Jongho Nho's designs here.