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Grill remote keeps you in the fun

The Wireless Remote Grilling Thermometer allows for untethered grilling while entertaining.

Free your grill and the fun will follow.
Free your grill and the fun will follow. Williams-Sonoma

There is a yearly ritual that many of us go through. It starts off innocently enough, but it soon escalates in size and scope until there is no choice but to turn back and abandon the idea before it even starts. I'm talking about grilling season and the reoccurring dream that this year will be the year when all the equipment gets upgraded. It's easy enough to look at the short, stubby thing that has been kicking out burgers and franks and dream of something bigger, better, and shinier. However, as in any overwhelming journey, it has to start somewhere.

The Wireless Remote Grilling Thermometer may not impress like a brand-new shiny grill would, but it will untether you from your existing grill. When entertaining, the freedom to step away from the grill and actually enjoy your company can be worth all the shiny new grills in the world. (Well, not always.) Featuring preprogrammed settings along with one customizable setting, the probe thermometer allows for easy temperature monitoring. If you prefer to cook by timer, the remote has one built in, and it has the capability to either count up or count down. And when you finally do get around to completing that backyard temple capable of feeding the entire neighborhood, you'll be ready to join in with the fun.