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Grill how you want to

Complete with a rotisserie attachment, the Capital Precision Series 30-inch propane gas grill on cart is a versatile option for outdoor cooking. Available in three different sizes, the Precision Series offers something for everybody.

Move the indoor kitchen outdoors.
Move the indoor kitchen outdoors. Capital

Summer is in full swing, and not surprisingly, we all are spending more time outside. While parks and beaches will always be popular destinations during the hot weather months, sometimes we need travel no further than the backyard for fun in the sun. One of the more enjoyable aspects of a backyard cookout is the anticipation of the meal to come--and more and more that meal can rival anything the kitchen inside can produce.

The Capital Precision Series 30-Inch propane gas grill on cart is a workhorse for the backyard. The versatile grill combines convenience and features, supplying the power for making a variety of meals. It has an integrated rotisserie so you can extend the meaning of outdoor cooking, while the high-powered burners offer a taste of traditional outdoor cooking.

Complete with spring-assisted lid to facilitate in lifting, the grill makes it easy to prepare up whatever you want for the cookout. With 500-square-inches of cooking area, along with two 25,000 Btu burners, one of which is infrared, the grill supplies the room and the power for serious grilling action. Details such as lighted indicator lights, long-life encased ceramic rods, and channeled grill grates round out the set of features that make for an experience waiting to happen.

The Precision Series grills are also available in either a 40-inch or a 52-inch configuration.