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Grammarian and Retrospect conflict: a reply from C&G

Grammarian and Retrospect conflict: a reply from C&G

Regarding our item about Retrospect's Retro.Startup extension preventing registration of Casady & Greene's Grammarian (as reported here last time), we received the following from Samantha Macleod (Quality Assurance Manager for Casady & Greene):

"Both Casady & Greene and Dantz are aware of machines freezing when customers are trying to personalize Grammarian, after installation. Retro.Startup and Grammarian are not the only ingredients to this problem. Both Dantz and C&G have tried to replicate the problem unsuccessfully.

The work-around to get Grammarian personalized is to create a temporary minimal set, including only Grammarian, then restart. After successfully personalizing Grammarian you may delete that particular set.

Casady & Greene asks that anyone who is experiencing this problem send them a full system report so they can track down what else is contributing. Conflict Catcher has a built-in 'Report' button in its main window which makes System reports easy."