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GoPro Hero6 Black is $50 off when you trade in any old camera

You can also exchange for $100 off the company's 360-degree Fusion camera.

Josh Goldman/CNET

Last year, GoPro ran a 60-day promotion to upgrade and save: Send in your old GoPro and get a Hero5 for up to $100 off. It's now relaunching the program, seemingly indefinitely, but GoPro will take any digital camera in exchange. 

With the new Trade-Up program, you can send in any GoPro or literally any other digital camera -- and in any condition -- and you'll get $50 off a Hero6 Black or $100 off the company's 360-degree Fusion camera. In January, GoPro dropped the price of the Hero6 Black, from $500 to $400, so with the trade it'll be $350. If you opt for the Fusion, the price comes down to $600. 

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To get the deal, you just have pick the model you want, go through the purchasing process, and you'll get a shipping label to send in your old shooter. Once GoPro gets it, it'll put through your discounted order and ship out your Hero6 or Fusion. GoPro says all the cameras it receives will be responsibly recycled. 

GoPro has been trying to bolster sales after a rough to start to the 2017 holiday shopping season. Along with the permanent Hero6 price drop earlier this year, the camera maker removed the Hero5 Session from its lineup and released a $200 entry-level Hero camera aimed at new and casual users. The $300 Hero5 Black ($247.95 at remains, too, as a midrange option, to move GoPro's plan forward to return to a good-better-best product strategy