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Google Glass gets updated camera features

Google has rolled out an update to the camera functionality of Glass, bringing HDR imaging and photo captions.

Those lucky enough to have their hands on Google Glass will be able to make better use of the device's camera, thanks to a new update.

Glass receives monthly software updates from Google, bringing new features and functionality. The latest update will boost the camera's capabilities, including the ability to take high-dynamic range (HDR) images.

A sample photo taken without HDR (left) and with HDR (right). (Credit: Google)

HDR images merge multiple exposures of the same scene in one frame in order to give the finished photo an increased dynamic range. Typically, this means that detail is retained in both shadow and highlight areas, making the photo look more like the human eye sees it in reality. While HDR techniques have become common on many smartphones and cameras, some of the photos shared by early adopters of Glass so far have showed the limited dynamic range of the camera sensor when shooting single exposures.

Google cites the ability for the camera to now detect low-light situations and take a "brighter, sharper picture". The camera module will automatically take a sequence of shots to help achieve both the low-light photos and HDR images, but doesn't specify how many exposures it takes.

Also a part of the new software update is photo captioning. When a user shares a photo, Glass will ask if you want to add a caption to the image.

More examples of HDR photos from Glass are available from the Project Glass Google+ gallery.