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Get two Dell Mini 10v Netbooks for $398

These are new units, not refurbs, though they do have Windows XP, not Windows 7. If you can live with that, you're not likely to find a better price on a two-fer!

Now here's something interesting. Dell is offering a Mini 10v Netbook for $149 with the purchase of any other Dell laptop or Netbook--including a Mini 10v regularly priced at $249.

In other words, you can get two Dell Mini 10v Netbooks for a total of $398 shipped. That's $199 apiece.

(To get the deal, click the above link, then click the "On Sale" button in the system-configuration toolbar near the bottom. Add the second Mini 10v to your order.)

Past Netbooks I've seen in that price range have been refurbished models with small screens and/or tiny SSD drives. The Mini 10v sports a 10.1-inch LCD and 160GB hard drive, among other things.

Indeed, this is a fairly typical--if slightly outdated--Netbook configuration. It includes Intel's N270 processor, 1GB of RAM, a 3-cell battery, and Windows XP. I'm not wild about the latter two items, but for $199 a few compromises are to be expected.

CNET had mostly good things to say about the Mini 10v in its summer, 2009, review. Note, however, that configuration had a smaller hard drive and larger battery.

Obviously not everyone needs two Netbooks, but if you do, hey, this deal's pretty sweet. It's good through March 18, though there's always a sellout risk.

Update: And, sure enough, it's now sold out.

Bonus deal: If you missed your chance to download "Terminator Salvation" for free back in January, well, cue Ah-nold: It's back. Same instructions, same code. ("Supplies are limited," however. Seriously. The code expires after a certain number of downloads.)

Dell Inspiron Mini 10v Netbook Computer (Intel Atom N270