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Get one of our favorite affordable laser printers on sale for $99

The frustration-free Brother HL-L2395DW is enjoying one of its periodic discounts at Amazon.

A few weeks ago, I took a close look at the Brother HL-L2395DW monochrome laser printer, discovering that it was as close to a frustration-free mainstream printer as I've found. But, with an official price of $169, I also suggested waiting for the regular sales that come along every few months, dropping that price to $99. 

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If you've been waiting, now's the time. Starting Aug. 19, Amazon is selling the Brother HL-L2395DW for $99 again. These price drops typically last for one or two weeks at a time, and this is the third $99 drop so far in 2018. In my review of the HL-L2395DW, I said: "Once I had the printer set up and the Wi-Fi connections made, it just worked and kicked out a perfectly legible document every time. I tried different laptops, I tried my phone, I tried Google Docs, PDF files and emails. It just worked, and as a decades-long inkjet user, it was a refreshing change of pace."

I also tested an inexpensive color version, the Brother HL-3170CDW, which loses the touchscreen and scanner, but usually costs $199 (with an "official" price of $279 right now). That model is down to $175 right now, but keep in mind, color laser printers are better at graphics and illustration than photos. 

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