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Get into hot water without leaving the house

The Saeco (50 oz.) Electric Water Kettle is a convenient means to heating water in the kitchen.

Some like it hotter. Cooking.com

Safe running water on demand is one of the crowning achievements of the developed world. It goes without saying that without indoor plumbing, our daily lives would be much more complicated. We use it without a second thought (except when the bill comes), and enjoy the benefits of having the choice between hot and cold by easily directing the handle of the faucet one way or the other. But when it comes to hot water, sometimes hot simply isn't hot enough.

The Saeco (50 oz.) Electric Water Kettle utilizes another hallmark of modern life--electricity--to heat water up to the desired temperature. Turn on the faucet, fill up the reservoir, and plug it into the wall. The kettle has three preset warming temperatures from 100 degrees F to 200 degrees F, and can hold heated water at the preferred temperature for up to 2 hours.

The carafe comes complete with its own mood lighting; it has a multicolored backlight that indicates the temperature range from low, medium, and high. The kettle sets on a 360-degree rotational base, allowing for easy access for both righties and lefties. An easy-to-read display panel integrated directly on the handle completes the modern appeal of this kettle. All this without even a cold trip outside to the water pump.