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Get free sci-fi and fantasy e-books from

Available in multiple formats, these published works are free for the download through July 27.

Tor Books

Like to read? Between now and Sunday, July 27, is offering two dozen sci-fi and fantasy books free for the download. You don't even have to register; just click, download, and read!

Most of the books are available in HTML, Mobi, and PDF formats--choose the one that suits you best. If you're a BlackBerry, Palm, or Windows Mobile user, for instance, grab the Mobi files for use with the free Mobipocket Reader. Want to read on your iPhone or iPod touch? Any of the formats will do if you use freebie app Stanza (iTunes link): It supports all three.

I'm not familiar with many of the titles on the list, but I'm currently halfway through the paperback edition of John Scalzi's "Old Man's War" (bought it before I found this offer), and it's a terrific read.

Thanks to reader Denny for mentioning this deal!