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Get an Xbox 360 Pro 60GB for $249 shipped

But don't wait, because Dell's $50-off coupon code for the Xbox 360 Pro 60GB for $249 expires after 650 uses.


Quick! Head to Dell and grab the Xbox 360 Pro 60GB console for $249 shipped! You must use coupon code M69N0GW8WF$71V at checkout to get the deal (the system normally sells for $299). Why the big rush? The code expires after 650 uses, and I'll bet my iPod it won't last the day.

This holiday bundle includes two kid-friendly games: LEGO Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda (click through for reviews). As for the Xbox itself, it includes the much-wanted HDMI output--though you'll have to provide your own cable.

What else is there to say? This is 50 bucks cheaper than everywhere else, and you get two free games (which you could probably eBay for another 50 bucks). If you miss out, or just want the higher-end Xbox, Dell has the 360 Elite 120GB system for $329.99 shipped (use coupon code 7H7JHWM8?HQTBR). It comes with the same two games and an HDMI cable.