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Get an Xbox 360 (4GB) for $149.99

Amazingly, it's new, not refurbished. And if you have a Fry's store near you, you can save on shipping charges.


You gotta love the Xbox. Even after all these years, it's still rocking great new games (Dishonored, anyone?), still evolving with accessories like the Kinect, and still the best Media Center Extender you can buy.

The entry-level Xbox typically runs around $200, but while supplies last, Fry's Electronics has the Xbox 360 (4GB) for $149.99 (plus sales tax in some states). Shipping adds another $10.54, unless you're lucky enough to have a Fry's store near you, in which case you can pick it up. (The Xbox, not the store.)

If you're the least bit interested in this, don't wait to pull the trigger. Fry's is notoriously quick to burn through its inventory, largely because it offers incredible deals like this one. The same Xbox sells for $50 more pretty much everywhere else.

There's not much more I can say about Microsoft's game console that you don't already know. In addition to games, it streams video from the likes of HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and YouTube. You need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to take advantage of those features, which annoys me to no end, but at $5 per month it's at least reasonable. And with what you're saving on the hardware, it's almost like getting the first year free.

Plus, as I mentioned before, the Xbox 360 pairs beautifully with your Windows Media Center PC (a feature that doesn't require Xbox Live, thankfully). It's a great way to bring the latter's DVR capabilities to your den, bedroom, game room, etc.

Sorry if I'm gushing, but I'm a fan. (I have similar love for the PS3, but it's rarely available anywhere near this price.) At $150, a new Xbox 360 is pretty tough to pass up. Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: If you're among the few who haven't yet purchased a Roku box, or you're in the market for a second/third/fourth one, you'll love this: Today only, and while supplies last, 1SaleADay has the refurbished Roku 2 XS for $49.99, plus $4.99 for shipping. That's the lowest price I've seen on this model, which is the top-end Roku box. (It sells new for twice the price.) Just be prepared to wait two to three weeks for shipping.

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