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Get an 8GB SD card for $29

Need more storage for your digital camera, MP3 player, or other SD card-compatible device? eCost has an 8GB card for just $29 plus shipping.


I know memory cards are boring, but it just blows me away to see 8GB SD media selling for $29 when a few years ago you'd have paid hundreds for a card with half the capacity.

This is a Transcend Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) card, meaning it should be compatible with all devices (smartphones, digital cameras, etc.) that meet the SD 2.0 standard. It includes a lifetime warranty, and best of all: no rebate. Alas, you'll pay about $9 for ground shipping, which is ridiculous given the size and weight of the product. But even at $38, this is still a pretty sweet deal.