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Get an 8GB flash drive for $5.99

That's your shipped-out-the-door price! Of course, similar drives have long been selling for just a few dollars more--but this is an all-time low.


In recent months I've written about loads of 8GB flash drives. First they were $8.99, then $7.99, and even, on rare occasion, $6.99.

But today, we have an all-time low. While supplies last (and I'm amazed they've lasted this long), Newegg has the Wintec FileMate 8GB USB flash drive for $5.99 shipped.

Yes, shipped. Given that it must cost Newegg at least a buck or two to send the drive (what with packaging and postage and all), this price is just plain off the hook. Daddy likes.

The Wintec drive employs a swivel-cap design. Can't say I'm a fan, as there's usually nothing that keeps the cap from swiveling out of place--but at least it won't go missing on you.

Like most flash drives, this one is compatible with just about any Windows, Mac, or Linux system. Newegg's product page shows only two user reviews, but they're both five-star.

Wintec backs the FileMate with a five-year warranty. For a mere six bucks delivered to your door, what's not to like? Maybe just this: Newegg limits the drives to just five per customer. I wouldn't mind scooping up a gross.

By the way, if you happen to miss out, Newegg continues to offer the Kingston DataTraveler 108 8GB flash drive for $7.99 shipped. Nothing wrong with that price, either.