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Get an 802.11n home router for $28.99 shipped (after rebate) has a TRENDnet Draft-N Wi-Fi router on sale for a great price, even if you skip the $15 mail-in rebate.


If your home network can't quite reach all corners or you need faster throughput for file copying or video streaming, it might be time to consider a router upgrade. has the TRENDnet TEW-632BRP Wireless N Home Router on sale for $28.99 shipped (after a $15 mail-in rebate).

In case you're unfamiliar with it, the new 802.11 Wi-Fi standard (currently known as Draft-N) promises better range and faster throughput. The TEW-632BRP is backwards-compatible with older 802.11 hardware and comes with four Ethernet ports, two external antennas, and the usual raft of security features.

Bear in mind that unless you have 802.11n adapters for the PCs in your house, you may not reap the full benefits of the router. What's more, the user reviews I've seen for the TEW-632BRP (starting with these at CNET) are all over the place, with some finding it "spectacular" and others "abysmal." The router itself has a three-year warranty, but's return policy is just 14 days from the date of shipment--so you won't have much time to put the hardware through its paces.

Hey, I never said being a cheapskate was easy. If you want to save money, sometimes you gotta roll the dice. Most Draft-N routers start at around $100, so this is definitely a major savings. If you've had any experience with this particular model, hit the Comments and share your findings.