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Get a self-balancing two-wheeled scooter for $189.99

From the Cheapskate: Hoverboards are back! This one is UL-certified with a Samsung battery, and it comes in your choice of colors. But is it still too risky?

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No, it doesn't hover, but it does scoot. In a super-fun way.

Liger Electronics

Remember hoverboards?

Of course you do. Last year, the little two-wheeled scooters were positively on fire.

Thank you, I'll show myself out.

Seriously, I'm sure you recall the kerfuffle. First, celebrities were spotted riding these nifty-looking boards, so sales skyrocketed. Then the Internet melted because of the nomenclature: Why is everyone calling them "hoverboards" when they don't hover? Oh, and then, of course, the fires.

Despite an extremely small number of reported incidents (of, ahem, batteries catching fire), everyone freaked out, imports and sales were halted, and hoverboards seemed to disappear from the national consciousness.

All of which brings us to today: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Liger Electronics has the Flyboard two-wheeled self-balancing scooter for $189.99 shipped. It's available in your choice of black, white, red, blue or pink.

In other words: They're ba-ack!

According to Liger, these models are UL-certified and come with Samsung batteries. In the description, it specifically notes: "Passed all government-regulated safety rules and regulations."

Does that mean these are without risk? No: The much greater likelihood is that you're going to fall off and bang a knee or break a wrist. That's because humans aren't accustomed to having wheels under their feet, and there's a learning curve here.

Want to stay safe? Go slow, and don't make sharp turns. There, I just lowered your risk of injury by about 87 percent. I've been riding one of these since last summer; they're easy and super-fun, provided you ride smart.

Indeed, I respectfully disagree with CNET's Sarah Mitroff, who noted back in March that "Self-balancing scooters can and have caused fires and injuries. Saving some cash on a cheaper version is not worth the risk." The injury part is entirely up to the user; to me this is no different than learning to ride a powered skateboard or e-bike. And as for fires, when was the last time you heard about one?

Of course, if you're really concerned, you could always store your board in a fire-resistant hoverboard bag. Which, yes, is a thing.

Why settle for a pen that does just one thing? This does four things, including clean and prop up your phone.

Ace Teah

Bonus deal: As you may recall, one of my favorite cheap products is the Ace Teah 3-in-1 stylus. Guess what? There's now a 4-in-1 version -- and I scored you a deal! For a limited time, you can get the Ace Teah 4-in-1 stylus 7-pack for $6.99 when you apply coupon code YHN6FIBY at checkout. Shipping is free for Amazon Prime subscribers.

It's a pen, stylus, kickstand and screen cleaner! Yep, the top of the barrel has a little pad for wiping your screen. This model is more pocket-friendly than the 3-in-1, though it isn't as accommodating to phones or tablets in cases.