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Get a Pogoplug Family cloud-storage bundle for $29

That's a dirt-cheap price for a three-user backup system, and it includes a Pogoplug Mobile device.

For just $29 per year, you get an easy cloud-storage and local-storage solution.
For just $29 per year, you get an easy cloud-storage and local-storage solution. CBS Interactive

The ideal backup configuration for a home user is one that combines local and cloud storage, one that works automatically and in the background, and one that's reasonably priced -- for multiple users, not just one.

Bam! Think I've found just the thing, and if you'll excuse a little nepotism, it's right here on CNET.

In fact, it's a CNET exclusive: the Pogoplug Family backup with Pogoplug Mobile for $29 per year. Shipping adds $9.95.

Pogoplug Family is the new Pogoplug cloud-storage service that gives you 100GB of online backup space for up to three users. Normally it costs $29 per year all by itself. This bundle gives you the Pogoplug Mobile (normally $49.95) as well, allowing you to add a local component to your backup solution.

(For what it's worth, Pogoplug offers a similar deal direct from its online store, but that includes the older, larger, slightly less feature-rich Pogoplug Classic. CNET's bundle upgrades you to the Pogoplug Mobile -- which, confusingly, is now known simply as the Pogoplug. Yeah, this company has naming issues.)

If you're unfamiliar with the Pogoplug hardware, it works like this: you plug the device into your router, then connect up to two USB hard drives/flash drives to the device. (There's also an SD slot.) That storage is made available to your PCs, mobile devices (tablets and smartphones), and the Web (privately, of course).

Pogoplug Family leverages that same storage for backup purposes, allowing you to automatically and continuously archive your Windows and Mac computers and your Android and iOS devices.

You can also access documents, photos, and the like via your laptop, phone, tablet, or whatever. Perhaps coolest of all, you can stream music and videos from your shared storage to your mobile gizmos. Neat stuff. One important point, however: This isn't intended to clone your entire hard drive, but rather preserve your important data: files, media, etc.

This deal is good through September 18, but there are limited quantities available, so there's a chance it could sell out before then. If you don't already have a solid backup plan in place for you and/or your family, this is a versatile and affordable solution.

Bonus deal: If you'll pardon another quick bit of nepotism, CNET is running a pretty sweet contest: the Best Seats in the House Sweeps. You could win one of three PlayStation 3 consoles, or the grand prize: a complete home theater with a Panasonic TC-P55ST50 55-inch HDTV, an Onkyo TX-NR616 receiver, an Energy Take Classic 5.1 speaker system, a Sony PS3, and a Logitech Harmony 900 remote. To enter, just like CNET on Facebook and complete a short form. If you want a shot at the grand prize, you'll need to tweet, too.

Bonus deal No. 2: Game time! Green Man Gaming has Saints Row: The Third (Win) for $7.50 when you apply coupon code GMG25-1BW0K-K1A3G at checkout. (Amazon sells it for $36.04.) CNET called this open-world action game, which debuted last November, "an absolute blast." This deal is for the download version and requires a Steam account. I'm in.

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