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Get a pink pocket camcorder for $59.99 shipped

Perfect for Valentine's Day, the Creative Vado shoots YouTube-quality video and slips easily into pockets--even back pockets. You can find it on

Normally $100, the Valentine's Day-ready Vado camcorder is on sale for just $60. Creative

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, gents, and nothing says, "I love you, let's put something crazy on YouTube" like a pocket camcorder. has the Creative Vado in pink or silver for $59.99 shipped. No rebates!

Creative's answer to the uber-popular Flip Video Ultra, the Vado is an ultra-slim digital camcorder that's ideal for capturing life's little moments: the kids doing something cute, your breakneck run down the toboggan hill, an airliner splashing into the Hudson River, etc.

The Vado can record up to an hour's worth of video at its best quality setting, which is a YouTube-friendly 640x480 pixels. It features a 2-inch preview-review liquid-crystal display and a stowaway USB connector for plugging into your PC.

Alas, while the Vado can connect to both Windows and Mac systems, its built-in video management software is Windows-only. Mac users will have to settle for dragging and dropping videos to their machines.

CNET had mostly good things to say about the Vado, and Amazon customers rated it 4 stars out of 5, on average. I haven't tried one myself, but I definitely like having my Flip Video on hand for those I-gotta-record-this moments.

At $60, down from $100, this could be the perfect gift for your significant other. Couldn't you see Jim giving one to Pam?

Side note: Is "Vado" the worst product name since "Sony Clie?" It's definitely up there with "Palm Pre" and Web search engine "Cuil." Who thinks up these monikers?