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Get a GoGroove Bluetooth multimedia remote for $19.99

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, this handy little clicker has shuttle, shutter, and even voice controls.


Don't think you need a remote control for your phone or tablet? Think again.

While you're doing that, look at this: For a limited time, AccessoryGenie has the GoGroove BlueGate RMT Bluetooth remote for $19.99 shipped. That's after applying coupon code SAVERMT at checkout. Regular price: $24.99 plus shipping.

So, why on earth would you need such a thing? The remote serves a variety of purposes, starting with playback controls. Suppose you have your phone or tablet paired with a Bluetooth speaker, and you want to skip to the next song. Or adjust the volume. Or pause playback altogether. With the remote, you can perform any of those functions without having to pick up your device, unlock the screen, and/or fiddle with soft controls.

This is particularly handy in the car, especially if you don't have steering-wheel audio controls. When I'm listening to podcasts or playlists, the last thing I want to have to do is interact with my phone. With the remote, I almost never have to look at the screen.

The BlueGate RMT also has a camera-shutter button, great for snapping selfies without jostling the phone. Same goes for when your phone or tablet is mounted on a tripod; you can trigger the shutter from anywhere within range (about 30 feet).

I've seen other remotes with similar features, most notably the Satechi BT Media Remote that debuted a couple years back. The BlueGate RMT is not only cheaper than that model ($39.99), it also has two notable advantages.

First, it's compatible with both Android and iOS devices; the flip of a switch on the side toggles it between the two modes. Second, the BlueGate RMT offers voice controls! That means you can activate Siri or Google Search or whatever from across the room. Again, nice way to do something like, "Play all songs by Green Day," without having to touch your device.

I haven't tested the remote myself, and in fact it's such a new product, there are no user reviews to be found anywhere. But I've been very pleased with the other GoGroove stuff I've tried, and I have no reason to think this would be different. For 20 bucks, it's a convenience well worth considering.

Bonus deal: Game time! Well, game time for Android users: StackSocial has the Handheld Hero Android Gamer Bundle, which gives you two games for whatever price you want to pay or seven if you beat the average (currently $4.29). Combined value of all seven: $16. A portion of the proceeds goes to charity, and the games all rate at least four stars. I'm especially partial to Zombie Gunship. Because enough with fighting zombies on the ground already!