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Get a free one-year subscription to PC Magazine

Assuming you meet the publisher's "demographic and geographic requirements," you can get a free 1-year subscription from TradePub.

PC Magazine

Magazine-subscription service TradePub is offering a free one-year subscription to PC Magazine. All you have to do is complete a form and wait up to 12 weeks for your first issue to arrive (assuming you meet the publisher's "demographic and geographic requirements," that is).

What's the catch? Well, you're divulging your personal information, of course, including your e-mail address, but TradePub says simply that "you are giving us permission to contact you via email about your subscription and concerning customer service requests." Sounds pretty harmless. Will you end up receiving newsletters, promotional offers, and the like? It's a definite possibility, but that's what disposable e-mail addresses are for, right?

Full disclosure: I'm an occasional contributor to PC Magazine. So in reality I'd actually prefer you to pay for a subscription. But because I'm wearing my Cheapskate hat, I'll encourage you to grab this fabulous freebie while you can.