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Get a free LG Shine phone and Xbox 360 Arcade with two-year AT&T agreement

Call it the weird combo of the day, but it's still a helluva deal if you adhere to the requirements.


From the Seems Too Good to Be True Dept. comes an intriguing offer: Wireless reseller LetsTalk is offering a free Xbox 360 Arcade console when you purchase an LG Shine phone (also free) and new 2-year AT&T service agreement. Catches? Yeah, there are a couple, but they're surprisingly minor.

Let's start with the phone. The LG Shine is a nice little slider that CNET rated 3.5 stars. It features quad-band and 3G support and a 2-megapixel camera, and it works with AT&T's nifty video-streaming service. The real plus is that you're getting it free from the get-go: no rebates required. Even shipping is free.

As for the Xbox, the deal works like this: After you sign up for service (which must be the $59.99/month plan or above--but I don't see any requirement for a data plan), you get a link to submission form (a PDF I've already procured for you). Wait 30 days after you get your phone, then complete the form and send it off with $19.95 to cover shipping. Your spiffy new Xbox should arrive "shortly thereafter."

Make sure to read all the fine print before you hop on this. For example, if you terminate your AT&T contract before the two years is up or switch to a less-expensive plan, you'll get billed $199.99 for the Xbox. My only real problem with this deal is that you have to send a cashier's check or money order for the S&H and provide a copy of a photo ID. That strikes me as a little weird. But everything else seems to be on the up-and-up, so if you're shopping for a new phone and wouldn't mind an Xbox to go with it, this looks mighty nice.

Thanks to reader Shawn for mentioning this deal!