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Get a Creative Vado HD 2nd-gen camcorder for $79.99

The catch, if you can call it that, is the box, which may be dented, scratched, or something. But the Vado itself is new, untouched, and backed by a full warranty.

A new HD pocket camcorder for $79.99? That's hard to pass up. Creative

If you haven't yet pulled the trigger on a pocket camcorder, this may be your lucky day. Creative is selling the Vado HD second-gen (black) for $79.99 shipped. (It's also available in white.) That's $100 off the current list price.

This is not a refurbished model, but it is "B-Stock," meaning the outer box may be "dented, torn, marked, and/or stickered." Creative guarantees a new, fully functional, and fully warrantied camcorder inside.

The Vado HD second-gen shoots 720p video and stores it in 4GB of onboard memory. That's good for an hour of footage--more if you lower the quality setting.

It sports a nice 2-inch LCD for previewing and reviewing your movies, but there's also an HDMI output (cable not included) for piping the video to your HDTV.

Creative's onboard Vado Central software (available for both Windows and Mac) offers plug-and-play convenience: Just pop out the built-in USB connector, plug it into your PC, then edit your videos and/or upload them to, Photobucket, or YouTube.

CNET hasn't reviewed the second-gen Vado HD, but Amazon's product page shows 4 stars out of 5 from a handful of users.

As regular readers know, I'm a sucker for these little camcorders. This is one of the best prices I've seen on a new, high-def model. Definitely worth considering.