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Get a Brother Wi-Fi laser printer for $50 shipped

Normally $100, the Brother HL-2170W lets you print without wires--just set it up within range of your router. But you do have to wait on a rebate to get this great price.

Cut the cord! The Brother HL-2170W is a compact Wi-Fi laser printer. Brother

Remember the other day when I said some deals require you to jump through a few hoops? Here's one that's definitely worth it: Staples has the refurbished Brother HL-2170W Wi-Fi laser printer for $49.99.

Now, before you post a comment telling me the product page says $69.99, let's address the hoops.

First, that $69.99 price is after a $30 mail-in rebate, which comes in the form of a $30 prepaid Visa debit card. It's more or less the same as cash, but it's still a rebate. (At least with Staples it's a pretty safe bet you'll get your money.)

Second, and here's where it gets a tad tricky, you have to add something else to your order so you can apply one of these $20-off coupon codes (provided courtesy of DealNews).

I recommend this box of 100 paper clips for 79 cents. (If you find a cheaper "filler" item, name it in the comments.)

So, to recap: You add the printer to your cart, then add a dirt-cheap item to bump your total over $100. Then you apply one of the aforementioned coupon codes, which subtracts $20 from the order. Finally, you get the $30 Visa card in 4-6 weeks.

What's that? The printer? Oh, right. I've written about the HL-2170W before, back when it was a deal at $70. So hit that link if you want the full details.

Short version: I own this printer, love this printer, and will never buy another non-Wi-Fi printer. How about you?