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Get a 52-inch Vizio HDTV for $999.99

If you don't mind a refurbished model from CompUSA with a 90-day warranty, you won't find a better deal on such a huge screen. Believe me, I've looked.

Here's your chance to score a 52-inch LCD for less than a grand. CompUSA

You missed your chance to nab a big ol' TV in time for the Super Bowl, but March Madness is just around the corner (go Spartans!).

Here's a pretty sweet deal to satisfy your hoop dreams, Lost lust, and more: CompUSA has a 52-inch Vizio VX52LF LCD HDTV for $999.99.

That's a mighty big screen, folks. It's a refurbished model, meaning that its warranty expires after just 90 days. But given that new 52-inchers routinely sell in the neighborhood of $2,000, I'd say it's a risk worth taking.

The VX52LF is a 1080P LCD with three HDMI inputs, two component inputs, and a universal remote that can control a VCR, DVD player, and a cable box.

Too good to be true? Well, maybe. I can't find any trace of this model on Vizio's product pages (though it is listed in the Support section), and reviews are few and far between.

As it happens, I'm in the market for a new TV, and I've been seriously eyeballing this one. Also in contention: Vizio's 47-inch GV47LF, which CompUSA has for $749.96. It's also a refurb, but there are reviews aplenty, and they're mostly stellar.

Update: As of today, Feb. 10, the GV47F is down to $699.99. Think my decision just got a little easier.

Decisions, decisions. Either set will run me $99 for shipping. Is it worth $250 to make the jump from 47 inches to 52? That's the kind of question that keeps me up at night. If anyone owns either model, please hit the Comments pronto, and share your thoughts, please.