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Get a $500 Mac software bundle for $50

Offering everything from project management to data recovery to HTML 5 content generation, this bundle offers tremendous bang for the buck.

The Mac Hype Bundle includes 10 (actually, 11) programs for just $50.
The Mac Hype Bundle includes 10 (actually, 11) programs for just $50. Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

Most Mac users I know would never admit to being jealous of the Windows crowd, but there's one area I know must be a sore spot: cheap software.

I mean, look at the wealth of free and dirt-cheap apps available for Windows, then look at the comparable choices for Mac OS. Just as owning a Mac means paying a lot more for hardware, you tend to pay a lot more for software as well.

But not today. Cult of Mac is offering the 10-app Mac Hype Bundle for $50. Combined value if purchased separately: more than $500.

The bundle includes the following programs:

  • iTaskX ($115) - increase your productivity.
  • MacFamilyTree ($59) - advanced genealogy for your Mac.
  • Data Recovery Guru ($99) - don't lose it, guru it.
  • Hype ($50) - easily create and animate using HTML5.
  • PDF Nomad ($40) - a versatile PDF editor.
  • MacJournal ($40) - capture life with your MacJournal.
  • DiskAid ($25) - quickly transfer files between your Mac and iOS.
  • AppFresh ($15) - manage all of your updates for all your Mac OS apps.
  • Playback ($15) - stream all of your media to your Xbox 360 or PS3.
  • CleanApp ($15) - clean your Mac.

There's also a "bonus" 11th app: FX Photo Studio Pro, for adding photo effects to your images. It's worth $40.

My take: there's a lot of worthwhile stuff here. Data Recovery Guru alone might be worth the price of admission if you have lost files you need to recover, either now or in the future. And iTaskX is widely regarded as a top project-management tool, offering Microsoft Project compatibility for businesses large and small.

For a mere $50, you're saving big on either of those programs -- and getting a wealth of additional apps out of the deal.

The Mac Hype Bundle will be available for the next nine days. Cult of Mac doesn't specify compatibility for each of the apps, so it's up to you to make sure they'll work with your installed version of Mac OS. Also, the bundle is sold as-is, without a refund option, so do your homework before buying.

That said, this looks like a pretty killer deal, especially for Mac users frustrated by a lack of good software deals. This works out to about $4.50 per program, a price that won't break anybody's bank.