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Get a 4GB flash drive for $9.99 shipped

Newegg has an incredible deal on a Corsair Flash Voyager drive: 4GB, 10 bucks, no rebates, free shipping.

4GB, 10 bucks, no rebates. Sweet. Corsair

Back in January, I was pretty excited about finding a 4GB flash drive for $17.49. So imagine my geeky glee at finding one for just $9.99.

That's the deal Newegg is offering Tuesday. (And I guarantee you it won't last long, so chop-chop if you want in.) Equally amazing: That price includes three-day shipping.

The Corsair Flash Voyager drive offers 4GB of storage (see full specs here). It's compatible with all operating systems and comes with the TrueCrypt encryption utility (Windows only) for securing your data. You also get a lanyard, USB cable, and 10-year warranty.

Flash drives are good for a lot more than just ferrying data. Check out Lifehacker's Top 10 USB Thumb Drive Tricks to learn how to boot an operating system, assemble a PC repair kit, and more. In the meantime, grab this incredibly good deal before it's too late.