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Get a 4.3-inch GPS with lifetime traffic for $90

It's the Navigon 2100 Max, which Newegg is selling refurbished for a song. Given that a traffic subscription can easily cost $100 per year, it's like getting a free GPS.

The Navigon 2100 Max features a 4.3-inch screen and free traffic updates for life. Navigon

It's no longer news to find a GPS navigation system selling for less than $100. But to find one with some killer bells and whistles? That's my kind of news.

And here it is: Newegg has the Navigon 2100 Max GPS with free lifetime traffic updates for $89.99 shipped. How good is this deal? The list price is $250.

Admittedly, this is a recertified unit, and for some reason there's no warranty information on Newegg's product page. I'd assume you get a 90-day guarantee, and I have no problem with that. A GPS has few (if any) moving parts, so what is there to break?

Plus, look at all the goodies you get: a 4.3-inch wide screen, text-to-speech, a lane-guidance tool, various emergency-assistance features, and, best of all, a built-in traffic receiver that works for free.

That alone is a big deal, as most traffic-enabled navigators make you spend anywhere from $60 to $100 per year to use that feature.

CNET's review of the Navigon 2100 Max was mixed, though keep in mind it was selling for $299 at the time. The key complaints were its occasionally confusing interface and sluggish performance.

I don't consider those deal-breakers, as most navigators have a learning curve, and I've yet to use one I'd describe as "fast." So if you're looking for a traffic-savvy, well-appointed GPS and want to get out the door for less than $100, here's your answer.