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HolidayBuyer's Guide

Get a 32GB flash drive for $14.99 shipped

That's after a mail-in rebate, right? Wrong! That's your out-the-door price -- but only while supplies last (which won't be long).


Let's just cut to the chase, shall we? Today only, and while supplies last (and they will NOT last long), Newegg has the Team Group Color Turn 32GB USB flash drive for $14.99 shipped. That's after applying coupon code EMCNBNH224 at checkout. (You must be a Newegg newsletter subscriber to use the code.)

That's unreal. Insane. And a first. It was just a few months ago that finding a 32GB drive for less than $30 was a big deal. I've seen some under-$20 sales in recent weeks, but those usually involved rebates. This one: no rebates.

I'll just go ahead and apologize right now for it being out of stock by the time you get to Newegg, because deals like this just don't last. But I'm posting it because, well, it's a 32GB flash drive for 15 bucks!

A brown flash drive, by the way, with a built-in rotating cap. Not my favorite design, but at least the cap will never get lost.

Beyond that, it's pretty much your garden-variety USB 2.0 drive, one that's compatible with pretty much any device that has a USB port. Even better, it's covered by a lifetime limited warranty.

Now for the bad news: the reviews on this drive are decidedly mixed. Some users got bad drives, others had trouble getting support from Team Group. That said, you have to ignore the negative comments about the drive having "only" 28.8GB of actual capacity. That's typical of any storage device you buy, and it's because of the way Windows calculates bits versus bytes (or something like that -- I forget the technical explanation).

So, is it maybe worth a few dollars more to get a drive from a better-known manufacturer? Or is this too good a deal to pass up?

Bonus deal: Also at Newegg, you can score a deal on a different kind of storage: the G.SKILL 32GB microSDHC card for $23.99 shipped when you apply coupon code EMCNBNH98. (Again, newsletter subscribers only.) This is a Class 10 (i.e. superfast) card with an SD adapter and lifetime limited warranty.

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