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Get a 32-inch Vizio Internet-connected TV for $299.99

That's already an awesome price on a 32-inch LCD. But here's the icing on the cake: Wi-Fi, Netflix, Hulu, and lots of other app goodness,

The Vizio V322VL features 802.11n Wi-Fi and a wealth of Internet "apps."
The Vizio V322VL features 802.11n Wi-Fi and a wealth of Internet "apps." Vizio

In the future, all TVs will offer Internet connectivity. I mean, who wants to pay extra for, say, a Roku box when a TV can build in apps for Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and the like?

Vizio is ahead of the curve in that respect, with many of its models offering built-in Wi-Fi and a healthy roster of Internet apps.

Here's one of them. TigerDirect has the refurbished Vizio E322VL 32-inch LCD HDTV for $299.99, plus $21 for shipping. Or, if you order the TV through eBay, shipping is free! (Consider yourself warned: this may sell out before the clock strikes noon.)

The E322VL is notable not just for its 1080p resolution (unusual for a TV of this size), three HDMI inputs, and ambient-light sensors that automatically adjust brightness, but also for its Vizio Internet Apps (VIA) technology.

Thanks to VIA and its built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi radio, the E22VL can pull down Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Pandora, Rhapsody, Flickr, and even Facebook and Twitter. Like I said, who needs a Roku box?

The user reviews for this model are overwhelmingly positive, averaging 4.5 stars out of 5. And I'll add this: I own a smaller version of this TV, and for the most part it's great. The picture is lovely, the apps work great, and even the speakers sound halfway decent.

Because this is a refurb, the warranty expires after 90 days. If that doesn't sit well with you, Target has the E322VL new for $369.99, plus shipping and sales tax. Even that's a solid deal, as the TV sells for at least $400 everywhere else (Amazon and Costco, ).

Me, I'm liking this at $300 out the eBay door. But, then again, I've always been willing to roll the dice on refurbished gear. Think you'll do likewise?

Bonus deal: Flash drive goodness! Newegg has the TDK 16GB USB flash drive for $17.99 shipped. That's one of the lowest prices I've seen on a 16GB drive.