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Get a 32-inch LCD HDTV for $229 shipped

It must be a refurb, right? Wrong! The Haier L32D1120 is brand new. Well, then, this must be the after-rebate price, right? Wrong again. Have you no faith in your Cheapskate?

The Haier L32D1120 32-inch HDTV is a killer deal at $229 shipped.
The Haier L32D1120 32-inch HDTV is a killer deal at $229 shipped. Amazon

First up, some cool news. Today marks the debut of CNET Marketplace, a new section that might as well be called Cheapskateplace. It's home to all kinds of deal goodness, including online and local stuff, plus CNET exclusives (like the one in today's Bonus Deal).

Don't worry: the Cheapskate blog you know and love isn't going anywhere. But you'll find even more deals and sage buying advice (from yours truly) under the Marketplace banner, so I hope you'll check it often.

In the meantime, allow me to collect my jaw from the floor regarding today's deal. For what promises to be a limited time, Amazon has the Haier L32D1120 32-inch LCD HDTV for $229 shipped. That is, without question, the lowest price I've seen on a new 32-inch TV.

Update: Looks like the sale is over, folks--the price is now about $90 higher. Sheesh, Amazon, you could at least run the offer for a full day!

Update No. 2 (November 10): Not only is the Haier back on sale, but now the price is down to $199!

Haier? Yeah, I never heard of it, either. But if the L32D1120 delivers the goods, so what? This is a 32-inch LCD with a 720p maximum resolution (more than adequate for a TV of this size), two HDMI inputs, an automatic volume leveler (designed to keep overloud commercials from blasting you out of your seat), and a USB input for popping in music- or photo-filled flash drives.

Basically, it's your everyday low-end HDTV, one that's suitable for a den, bedroom, game room, etc. I couldn't find any reviews of this model, but the two user reviews on Amazon are very enlightening. Both mentioned its excellent picture and above-average sound. One noted the poor placement of its inputs.

Tough to beat, peeps! I'll be surprised if Black Friday produces a deal this good on a 32-inch HDTV.

Bonus deal: Through November 6, and while supplies last, CNET is offering the Roku 2 XS at a deep discount. I'm not allowed to say exactly how deep (sorry), but you'll find out easily enough when you click through. The XS is the high-end Roku model, and the deal prices it lower than the middle model, the XD. Plus, free shipping!

Bonus deal No. 2: Last year I wrote about this gizmo called the Novophone, a sort of hilarious retro corded headset that plugs into your cell phone. Cellular Factory has a similar product, the Universal 3.5mm Retro Phone Handset, for $14.99 shipped. (Use coupon code R6L59P to get free shipping.)