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Get a 23-inch LCD monitor for $139.99

Big, big monitor, low, low price. It's a refurb, but the sellout risk is still through the roof.

While supplies last, you can score this mammoth monitor for a tiny price. Woot

Quite possibly one of the best monitor deals I've ever seen, Sellout.Woot has a 23-inch 1080p LCD with HDMI and speakers for $139.99. Shipping will cost you just $5.

Like all Woot deals, this one is available today only--and there's every possibility it will sell out.

Update: Sorry, folks. I was right: it already sold out. Here's a not-bad-at-all alternative: the Asus VH236H 23-inch LCD for $168.99 shipped (after rebate). It has VGA, HDMI, and DVI, plus speakers and a three-year warranty.

The monitor has no brand. It's a "Famous Maker" model that looks to me an awful lot like HP's LCDs. If you're willing to do a little homework (I'm under the weather today, so I'm not), I suspect you can uncover its secret identity.

The TS-23W8H boasts a 23-inch screen running at 1,920x1,080 pixels, or 1080p. Because it includes both an HDMI input and built-in speakers, it's suitable for connecting to, say, a Blu-ray player or game console.

PC users should take note, however, that though it also has a VGA port, it lacks DVI. That means you're stuck with an analog connection unless your system has an HDMI output. On a monitor of this size and resolution, I'd be a bit wary of going the VGA route: you might not get the sharpest possible image.

Like most refurbished monitors, this one has a 90-day warranty. That's the dice-roll part of the equation. But a 23-inch LCD for $139.99 is pretty much unheard of, so I say roll them dice. Replace an old CRT with this big, beautiful screen, or make it a second monitor for productivity bliss.

Bonus deal: Another impossibly low price on a big hard drive: Dell has the Western Digital Elements 1.5TB external hard drive for $99.99 shipped. It's a USB 2.0 drive with a one-year warranty. Not sure when the price expires, but many of Dell's deals are one-day-only.