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Get a $228 Windows software bundle for $25

A nice mix of utilities and system tools, this collection offers a decent sized bang for the buck.


Most of the software bundles I see these days fall into one of two categories: games or Mac apps.

Finally, some Windows love! PCBundler is offering seven Windows tools and utilities for $25. Combined value if purchased separately: $228.

Sounds good, but is there anything here you'd actually want? I'm not going to break down the entire list, which you can review for yourself, but I will hit the highlights:

DVD Ranger This is arguably the star of the bundle, a versatile DVD/Blu-ray-copying, ripping, and authoring tool. You can do everything from converting a Blu-ray movie to DVD to ripping a DVD for smartphone viewing to downloading and converting YouTube videos.

The bundle gives you a lifetime license for the program, which normally runs $89.99.

TeraCopy Ever notice how slowly Windows copies files? TeraCopy magically makes files copy faster, while also allowing you to pause and resume transfers and recover or skip files in the event of a copy error -- two features Windows definitely doesn't offer.

However, TeraCopy is already free for non-commercial use. What you're getting here is a Pro license (valued at $19.95, which does include a few extra features.

CleanMyPC This tune-up tool promises to optimize your hard drive, fix Registry problems, sweep away junk files, and so on -- much like freebie favorites CCleaner and SlimCleaner. It might help a slow PC reclaim some of its former glory.

The other apps include image-effects tool Pixo, text expander Breevy, and folder-navigation helper Direct Folders. Useful items, yes, but there are freeware equivalents for many -- if not most -- of them.

Ultimately, this isn't the best Windows bundle I've ever seen, though for anyone the least bit interested in disc authoring, ripping, or converting, DVD Ranger alone is worth the price of admission. Your thoughts?