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Get a 22-inch AOC monitor for $99.99

It's refurbished, yes, but it's available in black or way-cool white, and its base doubles as a wall mount.

The AOC E2243 monitor is available in black or white.
The AOC E2243 monitor is available in black or white. Woot

Looking for a second monitor? Or perhaps even a third? How about a replacement for that old CRT you bought when Bill Clinton was still in office?

Smart move, waiting until today. While supplies last, Woot spin-off Moofi has the refurbished AOC E2243 22-inch LCD monitor for $99.99, plus $5 for shipping. That's one of the lowest prices I've ever seen for a monitor of this size.

By the way, like all Woot-related deals, this one's available today only. Update: My mistake. This deal is available for another six days, or until supplies run out. However, looks like the white model is already gone.

The E2243 has a 21.5-inch viewable area, a native resolution of 1,920x1,080 pixels (aka 1080p), a 5ms response time, and VGA and DVI inputs. Also, it's LED-backlit, so it consumes very little power.

In other words, it's your basic desktop monitor, one you can plug into pretty much any laptop or tower.

The AOC E2243's ports are conveniently located in its base.
The AOC E2243's ports are conveniently located in its base. Woot

Interestingly, the E2243 is available in your choice of colors: black or white. Now there's something you don't see every day: a white monitor! (Actually, the base and rear are modeled in white, but the front side has a black bezel. Looks pretty slick if you ask me.) And I especially like how all the ports are conveniently located in the base.

Speaking of which, that base doubles as a wall mount, though you'll need some unspecified mounting hardware that's not included.

Like most refurbished monitors, this one comes with a 90-day warranty. It's worth pointing out that you can buy a non-refurbished 22-inch LCD from any number of sources for about $20-30 more.

Still, you gotta love a monitor that dips below that magic $100 mark. Especially one that's as stylish as this.

Bonus deal: Need some extra juice for your Android phone, e-book reader, or other gadget? While supplies last, Ice Monkey has the Energizer Energi to Go portable charger for $5.99 shipped. It runs off AA batteries and comes with 13 different tips (including micro- and mini-USB) for mobile devices. Great item to toss into your briefcase or glove box in case of a dead-battery emergency.

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