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Get a 21.5-inch LCD monitor for $99.99

This Acer flat panel is new, not refurbished, and that's your out-the-door price (not including sales tax)--no rebates required. One of the best monitor deals ever!

Finally, a 22-inch monitor (well, 21.5-inch) breaks the $100 barrier!
Finally, a 22-inch monitor (well, 21.5-inch) breaks the $100 barrier! Best Buy

This is an update of a deal I posted a few weeks ago. I know monitors are a little dull, but this one has a decidedly newsworthy price.

You can have my second monitor when you pry it out of my cold, dead hands. I can no longer compute productively without it. Most of the time I keep my browser open on one screen and Outlook on the other. It's awesome.

If you, too, want to experience the joys of a second monitor, now you can do so for less than $100. Best Buy has the Acer A221HQV 21.5-inch LCD monitor for $99.99 shipped (plus sales tax in most states). Amazingly, this unit is new, not refurbished, and it doesn't involve a rebate form.

The A221HQV is a 1080p monitor (meaning it has a native resolution of 1,920x1,080 pixels) with a 5ms response time and dual inputs: VGA and DVI. Not included: HDMI or speakers, so this isn't a monitor you can connect to, say, your game console.

Ah, but check this out: Acer backs the A221HQV with a three-year warranty on both parts and labor. That's pretty unusual, and one reason I've got two Acer monitors on my desk. (So far, I haven't needed the warranty for either one.)

It's exceedingly rare for a "22-inch class" monitor to break the $100 barrier, so there's a good chance these will sell out. Granted, for $20-30 more, you could pick up something with HDMI and speakers--but if you don't need those features, this is an almost impossible deal to beat.

Bonus deal: Game time! Direct2Drive has Dead Space 2 (PC) for just $11.95 (download version). A mere eight months old, it received universal acclaim as one of the great sci-fi shooters. It's also one of the scarier games you'll ever play. (Here's my review of the iPad spin-off.)