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Get a 16GB microSDHC card for $25.59 shipped

Need some extra storage for your phone? This card works with most models and sells for less than half what you'd pay in an electronics store.

A 16GB microSDHC card will cost you upwards of $60 elsewhere, but Newegg has one for just $25.59.
A 16GB microSDHC card will cost you upwards of $60 elsewhere, but Newegg has one for just $25.59. Newegg

One of the things I like best about Android-based smartphones (even lower-end, no-contract models like the Samsung Intercept) is their expandability. Most can accommodate microSDHC storage cards of up to 32GB. You could have one for music, another for movies, a third for documents, and so on. Take that, iPhone!

Alas, 32GB cards are extremely pricey; the sweet spot right now is 16GB. Of course, just how sweet depends on where you shop. Walk into your local Best Buy (or similar big-box store) and you could easily pay upwards of $60 for that kind of storage.

Take it from me: storage is always cheaper online. For example, Newegg has a 16GB A-Data microSDHC card for $25.59 shipped. That's the lowest price I've seen anywhere for a card of that capacity.

Update: Looks like this is sold out, folks. However, eagle-eyed reader rufustel found an even better deal: a 16GB SanDisk microSDHC card for $23.99 shipped (sold by Beach Camera via Amazon).

There's not much to say about the A-Data other than it's a Class 2 card, meaning it delivers a minimum performance of 2MB per second. If you're willing to spend more, a Class 4 card will net you 4MB/second; a Class 6 card, 6MB/second; and so on. When it comes to smartphones, I honestly have no idea if those speeds matter one bit.

In any case, the card comes with a limited lifetime warranty. If you're looking for a big storage boost for your phone (or some other device), here's your chance to grab it on the cheap.

Bonus deal: More e-book goodness! SonyStyle has the refurbished 6-inch Sony Reader Touch for $89.99 shipped (you'll see that price once you add it to your cart). Usually it's the 5-inch, non-touch-screen model selling for that price (if not more), so this is definitely a steal.