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Get a 10-game indie bundle for $5

Can't swing the new BioShock or Tomb Raider titles? Fear not: you can get lots and lots of gaming goodness for a fiver.

The Indie MashUp bundle includes some great stuff, including the inventive platformer Jazz: Trump's Journey.
The Indie MashUp bundle includes some great stuff, including the inventive platformer Jazz: Trump's Journey. Bundle Stars

Problem: You're all fired up to play the hot new BioShock Infinite, but you can't scrape together $60 for the privilege. Plus, you know that roughly six months from now, you'll be able to get the game for half as much -- maybe even less.

Solution: Satisfy your game lust with 10 other titles and pay just one-twelfth the price. No, literally: five bucks.

Bundle Stars is offering an Indie MashUp 10-game bundle for just $5. Actually, that's the minimum price; you can also pay more if you feel the bundle is worth it, keeping in mind that 5 percent of the proceeds go to the charity SpecialEffect.

Actually, if you pay just $1.26, you can score the first two games in the bundle: physics-based pinball mash-up StarDrone and the adorable platformer Jazz: Trump's Journey. Both are DRM-free and made for Windows; the latter runs on Macs as well (and, alas, is the only game in the bundle that does).

The other eight titles require Steam, and, let's face it, for another $3.74, you'd be crazy not to grab them.

Those titles offer a mix of something for everyone: mission-based racer Crash Time 2, mystery adventures Still Life and Still Life 2, first-person shooter Chrome, Sin City-esque gothic horror adventure Vigil: Blood Bitterness, and Tron-style tank battle Tank Universal.

But, wait, that's only eight games -- didn't I say 10? I did: the other two are mystery titles that will be unlocked soon and made available to all buyers. I can't tell you what they are, but I can say they're a pair of top-rated adventures. Oldies but goodies, I'd call them. (Indeed, they're arguably the most well-known games in the collection.)

Granted, not all the games will appeal to all players, but for $5 (or, if you're feeling generous, $10), this bundle should keep you entertained for a long while. I'm in.

Bonus deal: Need a small TV for a den, kitchen, or bedroom? Today only, and while supplies last, Best Buy has the Insignia 18.5-inch LED HDTV for $99.99 shipped (plus sales tax). It's a 720p panel with two HDMI inputs and a 4.2-star average rating from over 300 buyers.

Bonus deal No. 2: Is it possible to love a lowly thermostat? It is when it's the Nest. For what promises to be a limited time, Amazon has the first-generation Nest Learning Thermostat for $179 shipped. (The second-gen model sells for $249.) Trust me: Controlling your thermostat from afar (like, the car or your bedroom) is alone worth the price of admission.

Bonus deal No. 3: Ending today, you can get a $2 Amazon MP3 credit when you install the AmazonLocal app on your Android device, iDevice, or Kindle Fire. You have to grab the voucher by today (via the app), then redeem it by April 5.

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