Get a 1.5TB external hard drive for $99.99 shipped

Nice to see a decent-size drive for under $100 again! And Fantom's storage monolith comes with an impressive two-year warranty.

Hard-drive prices, oy.

As you may have heard, flooding in Thailand last year damaged factories involved in hard-drive production, creating shortages and sending drive prices skyrocketing in the last couple months.

Indeed, back in October, today's deal wouldn't have been much of a deal at all. Today, it's downright stellar.

While supplies last, has the Fantom GreenDrive 1.5TB external hard drive for $99.99 shipped.

Granted, 2TB drives were routinely selling for $70 to $80 not long ago, but beggars can't be choosers right now. This is one of the best storage deals I've seen since Thanksgiving (and hopefully a sign that drive prices are starting to turn around).

The Fantom drive is a silver monolith with both USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces. (Seriously, though, is anybody using eSATA? Seems like that technology never really took off.)

It's compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems (Linux, too, no doubt) and comes with a two-year warranty--better than average for an external drive.

Fantom also gives you 2GB of free online storage--but only for six months. (Methinks you're better off with Dropbox or SugarSync, which give you 2GB and 5GB, respectively, forever.)

Given the crazy spike in hard-drive prices, I wouldn't be surprised if this baby sells out.

Bonus deal: TV time! Best Buy has "Third Watch Season 1" and "Third Watch Season 2" on DVD for just $9.99 apiece. This riveting, criminally underrated show is perfect for the treadmill, elliptical, etc., as you'll burn through 44 minutes without even realizing it.

Bonus deal No. 2: Printing a lot of post-holiday photos? Staples has an HP 4x6-inch glossy photo paper 100-pack for just $1 shipped (plus sales tax). That's after redeeming an $8.99 mail-in rebate.

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