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Get 25% off this sweet 100W USB-C MacBook charger

The Aukey Omnia 100W PD charger is usually $55. But this CNET-exclusive code will allow you to get it for just over $41.

David Carnoy/CNET

Looking for a cheaper and more compact replacement charger for your USB-C charging Apple MacBook or Windows laptop? Aukey recently came out with its Omnia 100W PD Charger and you can pick it up for 25% off. It's normally $55, but after you apply the instant 10% off coupon on Amazon (just check the box) and then add the CNET exclusive code CNETPAB5, the price drops to $41.24. The deal is good through July 15.

While it's designed to be able to charge larger laptops like the MacBook Pro 16-inch, it will charge any laptop that charges via USB-C, as well as smartphones and tablets, at their maximum charging rate (it automatically adjusts its charging output for the device). 

We haven't yet reviewed this specific charger, but we have checked out other new USB-C chargers in Aukey's Omnia line, and they've generally performed flawlessly. The 65W dual-port model fully juiced up an HP laptop in just over 2 hours.

Apple's 96W USB-C charger costs $79 so this Aukey is almost half its price and also significantly smaller.    

This article was first published earlier this week.     

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