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Get 12 months of Xbox Live Gold for $28.99

Xbox Gold cards normally cost $50, so they'll probably sell out fast. They are great gifts for a dad or grad in your life!

This is just about the lowest price ever on a 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Are you looking to renew your Xbox Live subscription? If you walk into any Best Buy, Target, or the like, you'll pay $50 for a 12-month Gold Card.

For about the next 24 hours (ending May 25 at 8 a.m. PT), via eBay has an Xbox Live Gold 12-month subscription card for $28.99 with free shipping.

Even if you're not an Xbox user, I'll bet you know a dad or grad who is. This is a great gift item.

As I've noted before, I despise paying monthly fees for anything. However, this works out to just $2.41 per month--even I can live with that.

In case you're an Xbox rookie, a Gold subscription lets you play games online against others--arguably the best reason to own an Xbox.

Also, a Gold subscription lets Netflix subscribers can watch streaming movies and TV shows on an Xbox, a feature I absolutely love.

According to the eBay page,  card supplies are limited. Since this is just about the lowest price I've ever seen for a Gold membership, you shouldn't wait around to get your order in.