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Genius G-Talk: Send word to your crew via VoIP

Voice over IP phones are a great way to make cheap calls, but you need a headset or an Internet phone like the G-Talk to make the most of it

We've just taken receipt of the Genius G-Talk, a USB Internet phone for Skype. The unit looks like a cross between a candybar mobile phone, a remote control and an Apple iPod. Which is a good thing.

It's really easy to use, too. We just popped the accompanying driver CD into our trusty laptop, connected it to a vacant USB port via an extension cable and ran Skype, which recognised the handset straight away.

There are buttons on the face of the device, but these are only for sending DTMF (touchtone) tones once a call is active -- you'll need to place calls via Skype, or another Voice over IP (VoIP) client.

We decided to test the G-Talk with a little G-Talkin of our own, so we hollered at our gangsta homies in CNET's South Central LA office. They said the sound quality was averageizzle for shizzle, but that it was probably more down to VoIP technizzle than the G-Tizzle itself. Izzle.

We would have liked it if the G-Talk was wireless (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) compatible, but if you're after a fairly inexpensive yet effective VoIP phone, this £17 unit is well worth a look. Word. -RR