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GeeThree Stealth Serial Adapter: Praise and a problem work-around

GeeThree Stealth Serial Adapter: Praise and a problem work-around

Praise Regarding GeeThree Stealth Serial Port for G3/BW Macs, a reader writes: "I want to report how incredible the Stealth works...on everything from my Epson SC800 to a digital camera to my old Wacom serial graphics tablet! Haven't tried it with a modem yet, but so far this thing is terrific!"

Connection problem (and work-around) Meanwhile, Bill Richards found a problem (and work-around for) connecting his serial Wacom Tablet UD-1212 to the port:

The larger Wacom tablets using a serial port use a cable that includes a power-jack on its male serial plug. This makes the plug twice as wide as a normal plug. Where the modem port (now Stealth Serial Port) is on the G3 BW, and the way the pins line up, the Wacom plug butts up against the G3's chassis, making it impossible to plug it in.

I got around this by scrounging up an old serial A/B-switch box I had, and used that so I could run a normal cable into the G3, and then plug the oversized Wacom plug into the A/B box, where it would have no obstructions.

GeeThree tech support replied: "Many thanks for finding this problem and the solution. Yes, the orientation of the Stealth connector can cause "tall" connectors to interfere with the chassis. Another device that has the same problem is the single connector Farallon PhoneNet connector (the one with only one RJ-11 jack). We'll look into seeing if the connector can be rotated."