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Gadget Love: Spell out your feelings to the one you love

The day of love is fast approaching. With just enough shipping days left, Crave takes a look at some interesting Internet gifts to brighten up Valentine's Day -- in one case, literally

Crave is in love. In love with gadgets. So, if you are one of the lucky geeks who has a better half, why not show them how much you care? We searched high and low for the best in geek gifts on the Internet -- here are our findings.

Our first gift comes courtesy of Firebox. These Qwerty magnets offer the choice of two utterly charming messages, either 'LOVE U' or 'MISS U'. Crave can think of another four-letter message preceding the U, but that's more suitable for ending a relationship. These former keyboard letters are both eco-friendly -- being made from old keyboards -- and useful, especially when combined with a fridge door or other metallic surface. What better way to say 'I love you', in text speak, than with this cheap and cheerful gift.

One of things that bothers us on a daily basis is how low-tech candles are. Not a minute goes by in the Crave office without someone trying to improve candles with some sort of display, perhaps running Windows Sideshow, or with a Wi-Fi connection to allow it to link to other candles. Thank goodness for the Chameleon candle, also available from Firebox. This has all of the usual features of a candle -- ability to catch fire, waxy stuff -- plus the added benefit of a colour-changing LED, which illuminates the wax with a variety of colours. What's more, it's available in a variety of shapes, including a heart.

The next geeky gift that's sure to please is the HTTPanties. Available from US site ThinkGeek, these charming little knickers will no doubt please all women. Well, that's a lie, they will please geeky women and confuse the rest. A number of legitimate HTTP codes are available including '403 -- Forbidden' and '200 -- OK'. There is a missed opportunity for some classics here, though. For example, 'people of the night' might appreciate '402 -- Payment Required' and those feeling that their Valentine's gift was not up to par might think that '312 -- Precondition Failed' is appropriate.

And finally, for those who have been jilted in the run up to St Clinton Cards Day, why not consider getting your own miserable custom message about how much love sucks on a t-shirt. The plethora of t-shirt printing shops on the Web will make it easy to show your disdain for the whole 14 February debacle. -IM