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Front-load washer designed with kids in mind

Haier's HMW1270KFL Front Load Washing Machine has a few features added on just for families with young children, including a child lock.

The HMW1270KFL Front Load Washing Machine Haier

I like front-load washers. They make Laundry Day go faster, without a doubt. But there's a bit of a problem with the average front-load washer. It's pretty easy for a child to get into mischief--opening the door in the middle of a cycle, getting fingers caught in the door, and other situations I wouldn't have to worry about with a top-loading washing machine. Haier has created a family-friendly washing machine, though, that tackles these little problems. The HMW1270KFL Front Load Washing Machine has a child lock, as well as other integrated child-safety features.

Haier has included a number of other features in the HMW1270KFL Front Load Washing Machine: it has a door seal specially treated for mildew, a large door with 180-degree door hinges, and a Perspex glass door cover. The washing machine's controls are automated with nine preprogrammed settings, including delay start, easy iron, and eco-loads. The water level automatically adjusts to the size of the load, improving the efficiency of the machine.

At the moment, Haier is only offering this particular washing machine design through its Australian Web site. It's priced at approximately $450 in U.S. dollars. The machine comes with a two-year warranty.