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French door fridge makes twice the ice

Samsung's French door fridge boasts LCD touch screen and dual ice maker.


Samsung has set the new bar for French door refrigerators with its 2009 RFG298 and RF268 models. Featuring an innovative dual ice-making system, the sleek refrigerators can create up to one and a half times the ice in refrigerators with a single ice maker.

The dual ice system is composed of an external filtered water and ice dispenser embedded in the counter-height fridge and an additional dispenser in the freezer. If you're not up to eating that much ice, you can turn one of them off: each one is independently operated. And don't let the extra ice dispenser make you worry about losing any space. Samsung gained space by using a process that limits the size of the interior insulation.

These two models also have independently operating refrigerator and freezer compartments, so each space maintains the proper humidity and temperature and your fresh produce won't smell like fish sticks.

The RFG298 is available in a stainless finish for $3,000, platinum for $2,900, and black or white for $2,700. The RF268 is coming in June in stainless for $2,500, platinum for $2,400, and black or white for $2,200.

(Source: The Appliancist)